Select Page Yearbook Campaign

Print Design  |  2019

Yearbooks campaign was a marketing campaign that NZ had done for a few years previously. To ramp up the 2019 campaign, I redesigned the yearbook sample sent out to schools to showcase a cost-effective way to print yearbooks in full colour.

The campaign focused on promoting printing books on their High-Speed Inkjet printer in full colour for a cost-effective yearbook that allowed schools to print lower quantities while showcasing our other print methods available and other services has to offer.

The brief for the design was to create a bright, attractive sample that would catch the eye once picked up in the mail.

We wanted to display visually a quick way on why High-Speed Inkjet was the best choice for printing if the school was on a budget. We showed a step-by-step guide on how books are printed. We broke this down into three easy steps.

The first to choose your Print, this being the printing process. On the following pages, we explain why to choose High-Speed Inkjet and the other benefits for choosing to print that way.

Step two was choosing your stock and layout. We explained the types of paper stocks available and the standard selected sizes. We also pointed out the specifications of the sample the customer was holding on the pages.

Lastly, step three. We explained the options to bind the book and what additional finishings were available and told the differences and benefits of each.

Along with the sample was a letter explaining why the school received this sample and who to contact to inquire further.

We also created extra optional collateral to help promote the campaign, such as Posters, a leaflet, social media posts, and email templates.