Scenic Drives was a second year university project. We were asked to create a twelve page booklet on activities to in Wellington. I chose to do my booklet on drives because I love to go to on road trips and drive. Scenic Drives takes you on trips around the city, the suburbs, and the coast. All areas that make up the uniqueness that is Wellington!

I went on drives to my destinations to experience what it felt like to travel around these places. I was also influenced by these areas special characteristics and they heavily influenced the design of my booklet.

The booklet is aimed at tourists who want to explore Wellington and its outer edges at their own pace and time.
Front & Back Cover
Page 1 & 2, Maps of the Drives
Page 3 & 4, City to Suburbs
Page 5 & 6, City to Coast
Page 7 & 8, Within the City
Page 9 & 10, Tourist Tips, since the book is aimed at tourists in Wellington