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Pride in Print Campaign

Print Design  |  2022

The 2022 Pride in Print Awards campaign focused on the ‘Printed in New Zealand’ theme for the year. This year was celebrating the resiliency of Print in New Zealand after the last few years.
I wanted to emphasise the New Zealand aspect and wanted the theme to feel luxurious and bold. I was going with the Black and Gold theme, which brought out the elegance, also going bold on the use of text.

The design used the gold elements to simulate the effect of gold foiling, luxurious finishing that can be applied on printed artwork.

We would bring other elements to the core throughout the campaign, bringing in new Kiwiana icons and luxurious colours to develop the theme. For example, as the call for entries closed, the call for purchasing tickets for the awards night would start, and we would develop the style by using new symbols and, for example, incorporating the iconic jandals and the message to “bring out your ‘best’ dancing shoes” to celebrate.

Website landing page mockup (before entries were open).

Entry details handout front and back cover.

Entry details handout inside.