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Other |  2017

Budgy was my final project for my honours degree at University. Budgy was created as an app to combat impulsive purchasing that is quite dominant in young people (aged 18-24). Budgy is a budgeting app that helps users track and predict their months’ expenses while also encouraging them to save and pay off loans simultaneously. Budgy is meant to be a real-time budgeting app that makes it easier for users to track expenses.

Create minor categories so you can track exactly where your money goes. Is a purchase not in the correct category? Swipe left to adjust.

Create your own categories, if it no longer applies to your lifestyle delete or merge with another.

Track your savings and see it predict how much you can save. Create and edit saving goals if you have a reason to save up for something. 

Track your debts to see how much you have left owing. Calculate new payment options to see how long the loan will take to pay off.

Not sure where to click? Just click anywhere and blue box will show where to tap next!